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Milo's City Café

BRUH! Let me tell you fo real that the Blackstone eggs benedict from Milo's Café in Portland Oregon was so smackin the first time I had it that it ended up being the final push for me to get up off my ass and write my first post for!

Milo's Café is an American café located in NE Portland Oregon which has been owned and operated by two local residents for the past 17 years. Although the café sits inside a commercial building along with various other businesses, the American diner-ish vibe that's been created still manages to block out the noise and make you feel at home.

From the very moment we sat down the service was fast, consistent and friendly. My wife and I have a 4 year old which can cause us to decide where to eat based off of how "kid friendly" a restaurants atmosphere may be, which leads me to say that in the case of Milo's we were impressed and so was our lil one.

I ordered the "Blackstone Eggs Benedict", two perfectly cooked eggs that were artfully placed on a foundation of 2 slices of English muffins + a few pieces of pepper-bacon, and tomatoes. All of that gets smothered in a healthy toppin of some of the best hollandaise sauce one could ask for.

After our experience at Milo's, I immediately knew i was finna have to give the Blackstone Eggs Benedict 10/10 Bruhs!!!! Thank you!!!!

Visit Milos City Café

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